Liability Insurance Ala. code 36-1-6.1

a) The various state agencies, departments, boards, or

commissions shall determine and report their needs

for liability coverage to the Finance Director, the

Insurance Commissioner, and the Attorney General.

The Finance Director, with the advice of the Insurance

Commissioner and Attorney General, shall then

determine the type of blanket policy needed to

provide basic coverage for deaths, injuries, or damages

arising out of the negligent or wrongful acts or

omissions committed by state employees or agents of

the state, including retired licensed physicians and

dentists while they are voluntarily serving at free

health care clinics and individuals serving as foster

parents licensed or approved by the Department of

Human Resources to maintain homes for a child or

children under the supervision of the department or

serving as adult foster care providers approved by the

Department of Human Resources to provide foster

care for adults under the supervision of the

Department of Human Resources, while in the

performance of their official duties in the line and

scope of their employment or duties as foster parents

or foster care providers. Any policy of insurance or

reinsurance shall be selected by the Finance Director

on a competitive bid basis for an initial period of three

years with a provision for annual review beginning

October 1, 1987.