From the Connecticut Department of Children and Families Policy Manual, 42-2

If a youth age 16 or older who is in DCF care wishes to secure a driver’s license, the Adolescent Specialist shall review the request with the youth and caregiver and determine whether the youth has exhibited sufficiently responsible behavior to be eligible for this privilege. DCF shall provide financial assistance to eligible youth to obtain a driver's license.

Youth under age 18 shall successfully complete a certified driver's education program in order to obtain a driver's license. DCF shall pay 100% of the cost of one driver's education program for eligible youth.

At age 16, a youth may take the written exam to obtain his or her driver’s permit.  A youth may take the driving test to obtain his or her license six months after obtaining the permit. 

The Area Office Director or designee shall sign the Department of Motor Vehicles form 2D, "Parents' or Guardians' Certification,” for youth who are ages 16 and 17.

The Adolescent Specialist shall verify with the owner of any car that the youth plans to drive that the required insurance is being carried and that the owner assumes responsibility for the actions of the youth while he or she is driving the car.