From the Indiana Department of Youth Services Welfare Manual, Chapter 11, Section 5, Policy 404.53

The Family Case Manager (FCM) and/or the Chafee Independent Living (IL) contracted service provider will:

  1. Assist the youth’s caregiver in locating driver’s training if the youth’s legal parent or legal guardian is willing to sign authorization for the youth to participate in driver’s training and accept liability;
  2. Request approval for EG&S funds for youth aged 16 years of age and older who have permission to participate in driver’s training;
  3. Request approval for EG&S funds for youth aged 18 to 21 years who are receiving voluntary IL services when requested by the youth; and 
  4. Obtain documentation of any youth receiving driver’s training and maintain in the youth’s case file. The IL Specialists will assist the FCM and Chafee IL contracted service provider in locating driver’s training programs throughout the state.  

Resource parents may sign for a youth to participate in driver’s training, however by doing so, they are assuming full financial responsibility for any damage or injuries caused by the youth while driving.

Indiana law allows for any adult to sign an application for a driver’s license or permit, thus a resource (including relative) parent can legally sign an application.  However, the resource parent must understand that by signing the application process he or she must assume full responsibility both for authorizing the child to receive driver training and for providing full insurance coverage for the youth.  Furthermore, in accordance with IC 9-24-9-3, any person signing a minor’s application is accepting joint responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the minor. 

The youth’s legal parent or legal guardian can sign an authorization assuming liability for the youth as long as the court approves this decision.   The parent or guardian assumes full financial responsibility for the youth.

DCS assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by a minor while driving. DCS is not permitted to authorize an application for a permit or license.

Liability Insurance for Foster Parents

Ind. Code § 4-13-1-17

Sec. 17. (a) A state agency may not purchase insurance to cover loss or damage to property. (b) This section does not prohibit any of the following: (8) The purchase of casualty and liability insurance for foster parents (as defined in IC 27-1- 30 -4) on a group basis.