From the Massachusetts Foster Family Guide

Independent Living Support Program: This helpful program provides funds for youth ages 14 – 21 in placement to support their independent living preparatory needs such as driver’s education, tutoring, transportation expenses, sports uniforms, etc. The referral form for the Independent Living Support Program is located in Appendix 19. This form should be completed by the social worker.

Guardians can consent to a child’s application for a license.

Liability Insurance for Foster Parents

Code of Mass. Regs. tit. 102,§ 5.10

(7) Agreements with Foster Parents. (a) General Foster Parent Agreement. The licensee shall enter into a written agreement in his native language with every foster parent applicant whom the licensee has evaluated and approved to become a foster parent. This agreement shall be signed and dated by the licensee and each foster parent, and shall be renewed annually. The agreement shall include:

13. a statement informing the foster parent regarding liability insurance to protect the foster parents from personal liability for certain damages relating to the provision of foster care;