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From the Hennepin County Foster Parent Guide A-Z

Foster parents may not sign for a foster child’s driver’s license application.  The Minnesota Bureau of Public Safety allows only a parent or legal guardian to sign for this.

If your foster child has a driver’s permit or license, or if your foster child would like to drive, discuss this with the child’s worker and your insurance agent. Learn what your responsibilities, liabilities and costs may be and make sure that your insurance coverage is appropriate.

Under some circumstances, you may be reimbursed for the cost of driver’s education:

o    The class must take place in a school facility.

o    The foster child must be a ward of the state or the placement must be expected to last at least one school year.

 You must obtain prior approval from the child’s worker. If the child’s worker approves reimbursement, complete a Miscellaneous Expenditure Voucher and give it to the child’s worker within 30 days of expenditure.

Liability Insurance for Foster Parents

Minn. Stat. Ann. § 62I.02

Subdivision 1. Creation. The Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association is created to provide insurance coverage to any person or entity unable to obtain insurance through ordinary methods if the insurance is required by statute, ordinance, or otherwise required by law, or is necessary to earn a livelihood or conduct a business and serves a public purpose, including, but not limited to, liquor liability. Prudent business practice or mere desire to have insurance coverage is not a sufficient standard for the association to offer insurance coverage to a person or entity. For purposes of this subdivision, directors' and officers' liability insurance is considered to be a business necessity and not merely a prudent business practice. The association shall be specifically authorized to provide insurance coverage to day care providers, foster parents, foster homes, developmental achievement centers, group homes, and rehabilitation facilities for mentally, emotionally, or physically disabled persons. Because the activities of certain persons or entities present a risk that is so great, the association shall not offer insurance coverage to any person or entity the board of directors of the association determines is outside the intended scope and purpose of the association because of the gravity of the risk of offering insurance coverage. The association shall not offer environmental pollution liability, product liability insurance, and completed operations insurance. The association shall not offer  coverage for activities that are conducted substantially outside the state of Minnesota unless the insurance is required by statute, ordinance, or otherwise required by law. Every insurer authorized to write property and casualty insurance and personal injury liability insurance in this state shall be a member of the association as a condition to obtaining and retaining a license to write insurance in this state.