New Mexico


Liability Insurance for Foster Parents


A. Treatment foster care services, Level I and Level II, are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of psychologically or emotionally disturbed and/or behaviorally disordered clients. Eligible clients are those who are at risk for failure or have failed in regular foster homes, are unable to live with their own families, or are going through a transitional period from residential care as part of the process of return to family and community.

F. Property damage and liability:

(1) Written plan: The agency providing treatment foster care services has a written policy concerning compensation for damages to a treatment foster family's property by client(s) placed in their care. A copy of the written plan is provided and explained to the prospective treatment foster parents during the pre-service training.

(2) Liability insurance: Treatment foster parent(s) document and verify on a regular basis that they continuously maintain liability insurance for automobiles, home and persons, including owner and occupants of the home.

(3) Property damage caused by client(s) in CYFD custody may be reimbursed by the protective services division of the department, consistent with protective services maintenance payments to substitute care providers PR Property Loss and Damage.