New York


From the New York Foster Parent Manual

Youth in foster care must be 16 years old to get a driver’s license. If they want a driver’s license, they should talk to their caseworker about what to do. They can also get information from the local state Department of Motor Vehicles office or at

They must have the consent of their parents or the local district.

Whenever possible, youth in foster care should enroll in a driver education course if they want to drive. Sometimes a teen who has obtained a learner’s permit or license wants to drive the foster parent’s car; foster parents who allow this must have their own insurance policy extended to cover drivers under age 25. Foster parents should make clear the expectations and obligations associated with the privilege of using the family’s car. Check with your agency.

Foster parents may co-sign a contract to buy a car if they wish. They generally are advised against it because they would be liable for any failure to pay. Youth age 18 or older in foster care may enter into a contract without anyone’s permission and they will be obliged to fulfill the contract.