From the Foster Parent Guide to Teen Driving

Foster parents willing to sign a youth’s application for a learner permit and driver license may be reimbursed for the additional cost to their automobile insurance of the minimum Utah No­Fault liability coverage by providing that insurance coverage for the youth.

Reimbursement is limited to the Utah No­ Fault Insurance limits and to the availability of funds appropriated from the Utah State Legislature. Foster parents may choose to carry additional automobile insurance at their own expense, such as liability coverage that exceeds the minimum of Utah’s No­Fault insurance liability limits, collision insurance, or comprehensive insurance; however, they will not be reimbursed for any deductibles associated with collision or comprehensive insurance in the event of an accident or other damage to their vehicle.

Signature required to obtain learner permit or driver license. A foster parent or responsible adult needs to be willing to sign for the youth and legally assume financial responsibility for the youth’s driving privilege.