Oregon §418.201 - Legislative Intent for driver’s licenses in foster youth bill of rights

“When a foster child is 14 years of age or older, to be provided with written information within 60 days of the date of any placement or any change in placement regarding: (b) How to acquire a driver license as allowed under state law;

Chapter IV - Services to Children - Obtaining a Driver’s Permit/License for Youth in Care Under 18

Liability Insurance for Foster Parents

Or. Admin. Rules §416-550-0040

4) Treatment Foster Parent Support: (f) Damages and Liability. The agency must have a written plan concerning compensation for damages done to a treatment foster parent's property by an offender placed in their care. This plan must be given and explained to prospective treatment foster parents as part of their pre-service orientation. The agency must provide or assist treatment foster parents in obtaining liability coverage. Treatment foster parents are required to document that they carry home/apartment, automobile (if they have a motor vehicle), property and liability insurance themselves in addition to any liability and damage coverage provided by or through their treatment foster care program.