West Virginia


From the West Virginia Foster Care Policy Manual

5.6.7 Driver’s License/Junior Operator’s License

The Department will consider consenting for a Junior Operator’s License or Driver’s License for foster children between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18).  In order for this consent to be given, the following must be completed:

a) There must be a general agreement on allowing the child to get a Junior Operator’s or Driver’s License between the child’s worker, the foster/adoptive parents or facility in which the child is placed, and the child’s parents if the child is in the temporary custody of the Department. 

b) The child’s foster/adoptive parents or the facility must also be willing to provide a vehicle that is registered with the state Division of Motor Vehicles and has appropriate liability insurance. 

 c) When the above conditions are met, the Regional Director may sign the consent for the Junior Operator’s License or Driver’s License.