Liability Insurance for Foster Parents

Wis. Adm. Code DCF § 56.05

DCF 56.05 Licensee qualifications.

(4) Homeowner's or renter's liability Insurance. (a) Except as provided under sub. (5), before a foster home license is issued or renewed, the applicant for an initial license or the foster parent applying for renewal of a license shall furnish proof to the licensing agency of having homeowner's or renter's liability insurance as required under s. 48.627 (2) (a), Stats.

(b) A licensing agency shall have on file verification that each foster parent licensed by that agency has insurance coverage required under par. (a) and s.48.627 (2) (a), Stats., or shall have on file documentation that the foster parent has been granted a waiver from that requirement in accordance with sub. (5), or has been issued a license for a period not to exceed 90 days to allow the foster parent to obtain necessary documentation to request a waiver in accordance with sub. (5).

(5) Waiver of homeowner's or renter's liability insurance requirement. (a) In this subsection, Wisconsin insurance plan means the mandatory risk- sharing insurance plan established under s. 619.01, Stats., and s. Ins 4.10.

Wis. Stat. Ann.§ 48.627

(1) In this section,family-operated group home means a home licensed under s. 48.625 for which the licensee is one or more individuals who operate not more than one group home.

(2)(a) Before the department, a county department, or a licensed child welfare agency may issue, renew, or continue a foster home or family-operated group home license, the licensing agency shall require the applicant to furnish proof satisfactory to the licensing agency that he or she has homeowner's or renter's liability insurance that provides coverage for negligent acts or omissions by children placed in a foster home or family-operated group home that result in bodily injury or property damage to 3rd parties.